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Welcome to CWA 2014!

His Excellency Soeresh Algoe

Minister of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries,

This year’s theme for CWA is `Transforming Caribbean Agriculture through Family Farming’. Family farming is the backbone of our food production. Fostering, uplifting and transforming this institute of family farming should be our main goal when we are thinking about ensuring national and Regional food security, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Transforming the institute of family farming will strengthen our production and export base of agricultural produce and therefore contribute to sustainable socio-economic growth of our countries and CARICOM as a whole.

This CWA 2014 will be remembered as an event that contributed in transforming Caribbean agriculture through family farming and changed the way we think about agriculture and the production of our food.

I welcome the whole Caribbean agriculture family to join us at this Caribbean Week of Agriculture 2014 in Suriname and to contribute to a better and healthier Caribbean Community.


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